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Human Sacrifice was certainly not as integral into any western culture to the extent it was to Hindu or Mayan culture, which is what RD brought up. Queenie April 3, Just as I did to RD.

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Jon D. March wsnt, MH March 27, 1: Jack Williams March 27, I just wonder if the essences of each genre No want guys around here rural vs black urban are so far Ladies Madison fuck for free as heere make any mixing of the two sound contrived to a enthusiastic fan of either genre.

I supposed bigger problems have been solved in this world, though. Not holding my breath. Big A March 27, 5: Jack Aroud March 27, 5: Will be taking the family to see them next week.

My seven year old calls them her favorite group and those two songs I mentioned are her clear favorites. Michael March 27, And yeah that friend is my flatmate. We share same No want guys around here and share the rent. Wayne Aroknd 27, Out of all the shitty, shitty, awful, god damn No want guys around here of country, THIS tuys by far the most horrendous, vomit inducing pile of horseshit I have ever fucking heard in my life.

Leigh March 27, Leave Pistol Annies out of this please. Heck maybe some people might actually look up their music No want guys around here it will get on the radio!

You will be singing a different tune soon buddy. Scott March 27, I like Ashley Monroe, but the bottom line is by taking part in producing a piece of trash like this it really lessens respect for at least two of those girls. When their new album comes out, I will listen to it on its own merit. But if we wanted to leave The Pistol Annies out of the discussion, they should have been left off of this Florence local chat single women number. Bad career move in my opinion.

Honest Charlie's Productions March 27, At most Saraland naughty wives glorifies drink-driving and chewing tobacco only one of which the artist probably does…It lacks the sense of fun or even any cleverness in the lyrics…And this man was voted artist of the No want guys around here SyntheticPaper March 27, Holy crap, this was so bad it No want guys around here physical pain when I listened to it.

It seems like these assclowns just keep topping one another. There have been other songs so far this year that I have disliked immensely, but these two are the ones that literally caused physical pain to me for some reason. Big A March 27, 1: Phineas March 27, Chris Lewis "Louie" March 27, Pure garbage. You are starting to hear many fuys in Nashville mentioning including rap in their music. Chew tobacco. I thought I would stop being close-minded and give it a chance for the evolving of music.

I guess I was wrong. Even my friends who like mainstream country music thought it was horrible. Sooner the better! Chris Lewis "Louie" March 27, 1: Most of them have trucks mind you they are lowered or have rims or they are the type that are gearheads with demo cars.

So they glam on whatever they see as cool ghys dominant as displayed in popular culture, which happens to be the hip-hop culture. Wayfast March 27, Keith Litteral March 27, Only you could talk me into listening to anything this shitbag sings, Triggerman.

Jon D March 27, 1: Blake should take notice to these guys on The Voice http: Jane April 6, 5: And the boys around here…. If you are really adults then it time to start acting like one. Gena R. March 27, 2: Wayne A. March 27, 3: No want guys around here you like country legend Jerry Reed? Trigger March 27, 3: 80751 girls nude March 27, 3: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it gets even worse.

Sean March 29, 8: TopJimmy March 27, 3: Boondock March 27, 4: Trainwreck said No want guys around here best. People are often quick to dismiss me when I tell them I am a huge country music fan and for the only reason is because they have only heard what is played on the radio.

Radio airwaves have been taken over and forced to play music for the lowest common gujs. The same goes for rap music and if you look deeper you will find there is a ton of music of that genre that has a real message.

I think it is safe to say that the blues have been a great influence on country music…. When music classes were taken out of most inner city schools the kids were forced to make music with a different methods hence the turntable and digging through the crates of their parents music…which is were sampling came from.

If you are looking for artist that make meaningful music just ask I would be more than happy to show you. Alimeda Slim March 27, 6: Dear God! I made it to 40sec before I quit.

For the record, I think Trigger had every right to post that article. I just found in interesting that another website would be interested. Trailer March 27, 7: Great review of this, by the way. Alimeda Slim March 27, 9: I only posted the link so No want guys around here could enjoy his internet fame.

Scott March 28, 9: Dipshit Shelton just called out Trailer on twitter. Pretty funny stuff. Get on him too, Trigger. Northern rebel March 27, 6: Does that make me a bad person? Northern Rebel March 28, Horny chat room Wheatland Wyoming Randy No want guys around here thanks for the clarification.

A couple thoughts to consider: Jack Williams March 28, 7: Phineas March 28, 7: ActNaturally March 27, 8: CT February 6, 9: DonnieJ March 28, 5: Skills must include the following…. Be able to sing Rap Yes sing Rap! Must not and I repeat. Do not sing with a southern accent 6.

I Search Sex Date No want guys around here

Eric C. March 28, 8: As for the song itself, it is dumb. Randy W March 28, Bigfoot is Real seriously March 28, Chat free to local nude women CapnWain March 28, If you hate this song, you may be an old fart and jackass.

Jack Williams March 29, 5: No want guys around here March 28, 6: ReinstateHank March 28, 8: Seriously, Redneck is something Blake gets when he is under the sun too long.

He is so full of the bile that is country rape, he is full of crap. Thanks Trig. Mainstream country sure has gone to pot. I wonder of more No want guys around here like him will do the same.

Blake Shelton - Boys 'Round Here ft. Pistol Annies & Friends (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Artist like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldeen etc? It's me again March 29, 8: Poor poor Buys. Jack Williams March 29, No want guys around here Tony Joe White? If you No want guys around here this song soo much why listen to it…. Get a life and go work out …or meditate. Wayfast March 29, 3: We gyys to it because it is labeled country. Which is why everyone of us come to this website, to hear real country music. This is a review site not a praise Blake Shelton site.

Phil March 29, 4: So sad…. But I would love to thank all you whiny babies for complaining about this song. Why Ladies wants sex MI Quincy 49082 on it?

Its just like the churches that boycotted eminem and marilyn manson. It made both of them instantly famous. It hit the news and spread like wild fire. Both of them even thanked the churches that for promoting there music and making them more successful.

Keep up the good work! SnoreBros June 9, Bieber is a really snooze fest. Maybe if I was in his marketing demographic I feel different. Jack Williams March 30, 6: Seriously, aaround. Eduardo Vargas March 29, 5: The thing that I hate the most ariund that when he says Chew tobacco-it sounds like he No want guys around here saying Chewbacca. I wish Chewbacca would come to life and pull the sockets out of Blake.

Laugh it up fuzzball!!! Eduardo Vargas March 29, 6: Matty T March 30, 7: Ward March 30, 9: Shelton continues to get worse with each song he releases. Some things will simply never change. Chris March 30, 2: Country music is good enough for me. I guess Blake is chasing the all-genre The Voice audience.

Brianna March 31, 8: Thats No want guys around here good song. MH March Sexy housewives want real sex Blackpool, 8: Hrre April 3, 5: Ward April heer, 2: You probably think it started in with Shania Twain. John April 2, Your comment was spot on. He was made a star. This song and its writers and performers are formulaic garbage.

I Am Seeking Couples No want guys around here

Unfortunately, people like garbage now. Brianna April 3, 4: My apologizes to you everybody gere a right to state their opinions both pro and con on this song. I still stand my mine Guyys think it is crap and would think that no matter who was singing it. You have your right to like it. I prefer No want guys around here gritty lyrics and songs. John April 8, 6: Freedom of Speech and the first amendment apply to the restriction of speech by the government.

As best I can tell, this Beautiful women seeking sex Gilroy is not part of the government. But as dysfunctional as our government is right now, even they know that this song, and the many No want guys around here just like them are terrible.

It herr a review site and not all songs are going to get a positive review.

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Fidlstyx April 1, Jack Williams April 1, Greg April 1, 9: No use beating a dead horse…. Gujs old are you, any Women seeking hot sex Perry South Carolina you out of HS at least, you sound like you have no clue about Music in any genre at all and you are Woman want nsa Caney City an old horse.

And the last laugh will be waht you, because you all look like a bunch of fools pretending to know music, any kind music at all, let alone anything about an artist. Hope you have enough TP to wipe the shit No want guys around here that you are coming up with.

Talk about Drama Queens, you are leading the pack. So if you are HS or bored little turds this fits you. Hope you get a life. For the record am I despise what Nashvile my spelling for Nashville calls music. I dislike mainstream music of any genre.

Jesse April 5, 6: MelissaH April 3, 8: Honestly your just some low life computer geek who sits behind a screen name because you sure at hell would shit yourself if you ran into one of these artist in person. And the fact you brought these other aronud into your rant about not liking a song that they had nothing to do with is what really pisses me off. So stop being an ass and shut the hell up!!! Trigger April 3, 8: Actually if I met Blake Shelton personally I ugys shake his hand.

Flynn April 3, 9: You know what brought me to this site? Taste is subjective. No want guys around here would bet most of us gys have forgotten more about country music then you will ever learn. Davey Smith April 4, 4: HAGisKing April 5, 5: Just an awful song. Brianna April 7, aroynd Which is what I mean in my comment about forgetting more about No want guys around here than you will learn.

John Wayne? No want guys around here April 7, 9: Its fun and its country as all hell. OH GOD and the beatles are not country. Have you looked around the blog or only this part? ActNaturally April 8, 5: And they covered Buck Owens, which is certainly more country than anything B.

ActNaturally wrote: Just take a look at this music video of The Beatles Meghan wrote: Then what do you call this?:. Anna April 8, What a terrible song. Plus, he actually lives a country lifestyle at least part Asian women Gallipolis Ohio 93286 the time unlike some artists.

Kristy April 8, 6: I think this is a hilarious song! So instead of judging it so harshly, grow a Its my bday i need some good sex of humor and enjoy it, it is No want guys around here gguys I bet your people turned the library into a honky tonk bar.

How are the STD rates in your wonderful little area? Frank April 8, 1: All of arojnd looking like hating fools. You strike me as somoene that hates success. Boys round here is a ton of fun and its not meant to be serious. It is meant to be what it is, a summer time country party anthem. Be happy country arpund welcomed the infusion of rapit has brought in a new audience that will keep the format alive.

No want guys around here listen to everything from Elvis to Eminen. Johnny Cash to Brantley Gilbert. Pull your heads out of your asses and welcome the change. The name of the site is saving country music.

Find song by lyrics - Looking for songs by the lyrics

If everyone still sounded like Loretta Lynne and Cash the genre would be dead by now. Trigger April 8, 1: You and others are coming here with pre-formulated opinions about the stance of this website that are just not true. Evolution can come in many forms. I think sometimes people who believe themselves to be professionals in this industry take themselves too seriously. Sometimes we just need something fun and silly, something catchy that will get people moving their feet.

This style of guyd is exactly that. To each their own but Oxbow OR milf personals personally love it. It gets me in the mood to have a good gguys, and at the end of the day that is what I want Fat asians sex in Rochester Minnesota to do.

Try not to take this stuff so arround. Grab yourself a beer, have a BBQ and invite some buddies over. Turn something like this on and people will instantly be in a better mood. I think it is an evolution just not in the way that you are looking for. Then again I also like hip hop as well as No want guys around here music.

My tastes are very diverse and No want guys around here allows me to enjoy the most complex sets as well as the least IE Trigger April 8, 2: I agree evolution Fuck girl in newarkde come in many forms. That is the first rule of art appreciation. I am simply giving my opinion, and in this instance, trying to be entertaining while doing so. Country was around before bluegrass came along. Frank April 9, 7: I realize some of my timelines may have been off but the point was with every change in music the purists over react and say that the music is being ruined.

I tend to not take it that seriously. There is plenty of room for all formats of music. The people who love traditional country music always will. It is simply pulling in fans that may not listen to country at all. Then those No want guys around here may try listening to the more traditional country based on that exposure. Chuck May 1, 7: Chance May 12, 4: Those who can sing do it, and country music is getting your children back involved…. Those who cant write about it….

Alex May 18, No want guys around here If you thing this is the hfre song ever, apparently you have been lying under a rock.

Yes it is different and not the normal country but I will tell you right now this song is actually pretty good and the music video is funny. This song is No want guys around here than dying of a heart attack, the Dillinger Escape Plan, and Chris Barnes combined. When exactly does everyone agree that country music was good?

Is Johnny Cash not qround country?

Because he got kicked off the Opry. In fact, Roy Acuff and Fred Rose would might be proud No want guys around here see country music where it is today. Acuff-Rose fought that so current artists can choose any style of music they want to record and be successful. Watch Queue Queue. The next video is starting stop.

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