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Additional Services

Martha Offers the Following Services:

  • In person consultations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Skype consultations, video, phone, or online private training.
  • Psychiatric Alert Service Dog training.
  • Medical Alert Service Dog training.
  • Pet behavior issues and training.
  • HD or SD behavior issues and training.
  • Training your dog in my home, with follow-up lessons so you can learn to continue your dogs success.
  • Training you and your dog at your home.

If your needs are beyond my scope, my wide range of contacts in all fields of the dog world allow me to confidently refer you to respected experts and specialists.

Working With Specialists:

I can work privately with you, or in conjunction with your physical or mental health professional. Working as a team, all of us together can focus the training for you and your dog for the best outcome.

I am happy to work with your dogs’ veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist for special issues.

Dog Selection Assistance:

Dog and puppy selection from shelters or breeders for pet or other functions: I have a wide range of connections who can guide me to top breeders who are producing the right type of dog for your purposes.

Temperament and Suitability Evaluations: Hearing Dog, Medical Detection, Emotional Support Animal, PTSD, Mobility, and Animal-Assisted Therapy are all roles that some dogs may be suited to. I start by evaluating your dog honestly and thoroughly. If your own dog is not suitable, my connections make it possible to help you find a dog that will fill the role with talent and joy. I have temperament tested over 20,000 dogs in shelters and from breeders, and would be happy to help you locate a great pet or working partner.

Martha “On the Go”: Consultations, Seminars, Private Training & More

  • Seminars: Worldwide references available.
  • Consulting for Service Dog Programs: Hearing Dog training, setting up and operating a Hearing Dog Program, and temperament testing shelter dogs and owned dogs for potential as Hearing Dogs and other careers.
  • Private Lessons for Trainers: Learn Hearing Dog training techniques.
  • Online Classes in Hearing Dog Training
  • Online Classes in All Areas of Dog Training: Currently in development.

Private Services Pricing:

  • Skype or Phone Consultations:   $100/hr
  • In-Person Consultations:   $150 for first hour.
    4-Pack purchase is required after first hour.
  • 4-Pack of One-hour Lessons:   $390
  • Boarding @ Martha’s:   $40/day
    No kennels, safe secure yard. Geriatric and behavior issue dogs welcome.
  • Boarding & Training @ Martha’s:   $80/day
  • Industry Consultations, Speaking Engagements or Seminars: Contact for Pricing.
  • Evaluating Video of Your Dog Behavior or Training:   $40
    Includes email response.
  • Selecting, Training and Placing a Hearing or Service Dog, Plus Follow-up Training:   $20,000 and up.
    Contact for details.
  • Training Your Current Dog That Qualifies for HD or SD Career, Plus Follow-up Training:   $10,000 and up.
    Contact for details.
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