Rainproof Your Puppy NOW!

By August 28, 2017News

It happens every year, especially in areas with a long dry season. The rainy season comes and dogs begin to believe it’s okay to pee in the house. Trainers face a deluge of frantic client calls about housetraining. This happens particularly often with pups who are born in the dry season and haven’t experienced lots of rain.

Even dogs with good training and plenty of experience will often resist going out into the rain to handle their “outdoor needs.”

Rainproof Your Puppy Now

Soundwork 101 begins soon

Every Service Dog, Medical Alert Dog, and Hearing Dog can benefit from learning to WANT TO wake up from sleep and use their initiative when an alertable sound or “Go Get Help” situation happens. We help each student/dog team to develop empathetic two-way communication.

In this free course, we explore the tools and practices of a successful Service Dog trainer. You’ll discover how to create a “continuous context for training” in your life so that training will be natural and fun for your dog — and for you! You’ll also explore motivations that have your dog be excited and eager to engage in training exercises. Then you’ll see how to use your own natural motivations to do the same thing.

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When raising a pup, occasionally have a lawn sprinkler going at a mild fine level of spray. Play chase and fetch in the sprinkler with puppy, and toss the puppy’s food in the sprinkler zone so it can eat in the “rain.”


Make a Rain Tree

Spray water up in a tree and give the leaves a soaking, to provide “rain” during times when there is no rain. When you turn off the hose , the tree will drip for a while. Play and train and feed under the Rain Tree with puppy. Walk it on leash to potty there. (Dog sports competitors: the Rain Tree is a great way to practice for trials, too.)

Wading is Fun!

Fill a child’s wading pool with an inch or two of water.  Sprinkle treats that float, and let pup teach itself. It might go from leaning over the edge, to wading to get the treats.

Now the real rain will not be a hideous, pee-inhibiting shock to them.

Next step: you’ll need to invent a home version of a snow making machine!

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Martha Hoffman is the Training Director for the Hearing Dog Program. She has trained several hundred Hearing Dogs and tested over 20,000 shelter dogs over the course of 25 years. She is the founder and lead trainer at Martha Hoffman Hearing Dog Academy (MHHD) and the author of the highly respected text on Hearing Dog training, Lend Me an Ear.

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