SW101: Basic Soundwork

By September 1, 2015Free, Soundwork 101

Welcome to Soundwork 101!

Prerequisite Requirements:  MHHD Orientation Course (free)

Most people can complete Orientation within about 30 minutes. This is a prerequisite for all the other Soundwork courses. We’ll coach you on joining our Facebook (secret) group for your class, getting notifications for our live chats, and how to make a YouTube link to share your videos with the class and instructor.

Soundwork 101 Will Give You:

  • Written lessons on temperament, building motivation, evaluating trainers, and motivating yourself for successful training
  • Live weekly chats on Facebook with the instructor
  • Videos that demonstrate the basic alerts, to help you decide what you’d like to teach your own dog
  • Information to set up your environment to encourage natural alerting, and make later formal training as easy as possible for you and your dog
  • Help to motivate your dog to work with persistence, energy and initiative. We help you with individualized methods and games to increase motivation
  • Training Games to condition a happy reaction to the timer, door knock, and to cues for any other type of Service Dog Alert.
  • A foundation to help you and your dog get ready for more advanced training

Resources You Will Need

While you participate in the course, you’ll use three communication tools to be in touch with us. The first is this website. We’ve posted your lessons here, your training assignments, and we often include bonus material and news that you can use while you are training your dog.

The second resources is the Confidential Discussion Group on Facebook. Each new class gets their own discussion group and we promise to keep what you say in that group confidential. We ask that you extend the same courtesy to your fellow students so that everyone feels free to express their questions and their concerns while learning these new skills.

The third resource is the Live Classroom Chat on Facebook. We establish a group chat that we will use during our checkpoint sessions, and we’ll add you to it when you show up for class the first time. When we have our checkpoint sessions, Martha will review the assignments with you, assess your progress, and answer your questions. Often she brings up bonus games that can help you accelerate your training progress.