SW101: Basic Soundwork

By September 1, 2015Free, Soundwork 101

Welcome to Soundwork 101!

Prerequisite Requirements:  MHHD Orientation Course (free)

Most people can complete Orientation within about 30 minutes. This is a prerequisite for all the other Soundwork courses. We’ll coach you on joining our Facebook (secret) group for your class, getting notifications for our live chats, and how to make a YouTube link to share your videos with the class and instructor.

Soundwork 101 Will Give You:

  • Written lessons on temperament, building motivation, evaluating trainers, and motivating yourself for successful training
  • Live weekly chats on Facebook with the instructor
  • Videos that demonstrate the basic alerts, to help you decide what you’d like to teach your own dog
  • Information to set up your environment to encourage natural alerting, and make later formal training as easy as possible for you and your dog
  • Help to motivate your dog to work with persistence, energy and initiative. We help you with individualized methods and games to increase motivation
  • Training Games to condition a happy reaction to the timer, door knock, and to cues for any other type of Service Dog Alert.
  • A foundation to help you and your dog get ready for more advanced training