Trainer & Client Testimonials

Shari Smith, Diamond Dogs

Not only is Martha able to understand dogs and speak their language, she is also able to translate what the dog is saying in a way that pet owners are able to understand.

Julia Priest, Owner & Trainer at Coach For Canines

I have known Martha Hoffman for nearly 20 years and find her to be one of the most thoughtful and creative trainers around. Martha is constantly thinking of smarter and better ways to understand and communicate with both dogs and their people.

Mary Tilllinghast Leneis

More than any of the more famous trainers, Martha really understands the dogs and can find appropriate training solutions for every problem.

Carol Edwards, Executive Director at Early Alert Canines

As an innovator in my field (Diabetic Alert Dog training) Martha’s advice and expertise in teaching a dog to alert has been invaluable.

Andrea Woo, Owner & Trainer at Skilled Mutts Company

Martha is concise and patient when teaching a technique, and will happily explain the theory or reasoning behind an approach. She has a wealth of experience and is very practical in her approach.

Elaine Kersels and Hearing Dog, Goldie

Martha’s techniques work. She is very clear in her approach to teaching dogs and their people. Martha makes it enjoyable and always explains how to get the best results.

Ajay Singh, Vom Patiala German Shepherds

I have known Martha for over twenty years and I can honestly say that I have walked away as a smarter trainer after every meeting with her.