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So glad to have you join our wonderful community of Hearing and Service Dog trainers! Unlike many professions, both professional trainers and amateur owner-trainers are very important parts of this field. Observant owner-trainers were the true discoverers of Hearing Dogs, Diabetic Alert Dogs, and many other new functions for dogs in teamwork with people. Every time we ask a dog the question, “Can you do this?” (even the most “far-fetched” tasks: seizure alert prior to a seizure, scenting for cell phones in prisons, finding one diseased grape in a whole vineyard), the dogs have said, “OF COURSE! We’ve been able to do that all along! You just never told us you wanted to know about it!” Here we have a domestic animal companion that instead of becoming outmoded and useless as we evolve into different cultural and technological areas, has kept up right alongside us. If we could credit ourselves for the evolution of dogs, I’d say they might be one of our finest inventions. This website is intended for us to explore the potential of dogs. Classes on Hearing Dog Soundwork training are now being offered, and in the future we’ll branch out into many other areas for both amateur and professional trainers. What would you like to know? Let’s find out the answers!

Learn to Train Hearing Dogs

Hearing Dogs are dogs that are trained to alert on specific sounds and to notify the partner about both the sound and its source. Hearing dogs are invaluable to people with hearing challenges. You, too, can train these amazing animals!

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Get Educated and Get to Work!

Learn to teach the dog to understand concepts, not simply to do rote behaviors. This allows the dog to learn Soundwork as a purposeful, self-motivated activity that becomes an integral part of its life and its relationship with the trainer.

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Got Questions?

Read our answers to our extensive list of frequently asked questions! If you have a question not listed on this page, please feel free to contact Martha directly by emailing her at info@marthahoffmanhearingdogs.com

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Learn the Skills You Need to Succeed.

You will learn to condition an association between sounds and treats, teach new behaviors, and teach complex behavior chains. By contrast, you will also learn to teach a dog to be disobedient! This means that your dog will use its own initiative to decide to alert you, or to use “intelligent disobedience” when it must decide whether to obey a cue such as “Stay”, or instead to alert to a sound. Dogs trained with our methods go even farther: they learn to creatively alert to unusual sounds and situations they have never been trained for.

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